A splendid passito wine created from a selection of white grapes. This wine has made a name fot itself for its delightful chromatic hues. Its structure is clear with a remarkably intense bouquet. It has a delightful aroma which is warm and intense with floral and fruity nuances. It has a sweet, smooth and harmonius taste, and it is this overall harmony which is its principal characteristic. This wine-making curiosity is also one on which to ponder, and is particularly enjoyable when taste alone, in familiar surroundings. Serve at moderately low temperature, along with desserts ahd dry pastries.
Grapes : selections of white grapes
Locality: Aquileia
Lay of land: Flat
Growing system : Cappuccina
Density: 3.500
Age of wineyards: 20 - 25 years
Harvesting: hand picking
Bottles: 0,50 lit.
Alcool: 13° + 8% sugar res.
Process: Ferm. in barrique
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