Made with grapes from the wine species of the same nale. A ruby-coloured wine tending towards violet. An intense and distinctively herbaceous aroma, its bouquet is rounded off with a hint of leather and spices. It has a full flavour, at times tannic. When it is slightly aged, it is also ideal with game birds and tasty, mature cheese. Serve at temperature of 18° - 20° C. in fine quality red-wine glasses.
Grapes : 100% Cabernet Franc
Locality: Aquileia
Lay of land: Flat
Growing system : Sylvoz, guyot
Density: 3.500
Age of wineyards: 5 - 10 years
Harvesting: hand picking
Bottles: 0,75 lit.
Alcool: 12,5 % proof
Process: maceration 15 days, t.c.
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