Made with grapes from the wine species of the same name. A delicate, velvety white wine with a high alcoholic content and level of acidity. Its fragrance contains hints of apples, apricots, exotic fruits and mugweed. When aged, its bouquet evolves into tinges reminiscent of dried fruit and aromatic herbs. Consistency and an almond spirit make this wine special. This is an aperitif wine, suitable for a wide range of lean starters, soups, egg or fish-based dishes and goes well with fresh, flavoursome pasta dishes. Serve at temperature of 10° - 12° C.
Grapes : 100 % Pinot Bianco
Locality: Aquileia
Lay of land: Flat
Growing system : Cappuccina
Density: 3.500
Age of wineyards: 25 years
Harvesting: hand picking
Bottles: 0,75 lit.
Alcool: 13° proof
Process: Controlled Temperature.
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