Made with grapes from the wine species of the same name. A white wine eith a straw-yellow colour, with a tipical bouquet reminiscent of acacia flowers. It has an open fragrance, with an elegant array of aromas. Its flavour is rigorous, with a soft warmth and a wholesome body. Full-tasting with a pleasantly-bitter sensation, its fruity bouquet opens up for a grand finale of superb lenght. This is a wine that goes well with small squid, ham, risotto, fresh cheese, pasta dishes with tomato-based sauces and white meat. Serve a temperature of 8° - 10° C.
Grapes : 100 % Pinot Grigio
Locality: Aquileia
Lay of land: Flat
Growing system : Cap. Guyot
Density: 4.000
Age of wineyards: 15 years
Harvesting: hand picking
Bottles: 0,75 lit.
Alcool: 13° proof
Process: Controlled Temperature.
  Via Acidino 4, 33051 Aquileia (UD) - tel e fax 0431 91185 english version here! deutsche version